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With the year winding down, the last few hours of 2010 are filled with a scramble to get everything done to make sure 2011 is welcomed in a grand way. This year its just me, L & my sis-in-law. Our idea of a good time is kicking our feet back with awesome food (generally homemade :P) and a good drink just within reach. So this year was/is ‘nt different either.

Having a 10 day shutdown at work gave me a long, well deserved break. This was the first instance I got time to actually regroup and catch a break from the stress of the sorta-new job & having our own house. So these 7 days were filled with small trips, shopping, pigging out on awesome food made by L. But this day, the official end of the year, I would like to count my blessings for a wonderful job, a beautiful home to come to everyday, new lessons in terms of hard knocks or good experiences. But the best part has undoubtedly been an awesome family to share all the tears & joys, smiles & frowns alike. So here’s a huge shoutout to everyone who made this year a great one.. And wishing a happy new year……

Happy happy happy New Year Everyone! Make it everything you know it can be an oh so much more! – T J Thyne (better known as Hodgins from Bones)