Fads & Fridays

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‘Fad’ as defined by Dictionary:

Fad –noun

a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., esp. one followed enthusiastically by a group.
All of us, at one time or other, have blindly followed the latest trends. Infact so much that neon cycling shorts, oversized tshirts, all teenybopper songs owe their success to these this mass mania. In the past few years ‘being social’ has been the latest ‘it’. And lately, check-ins.
I have always wanted to get onboard this craze. But I thought that surely there’s no one interested in knowing that I checked into my local grocery store (or that I go to 3 of them,.. ummm… thts another blog post). Anyways!! I finally went to this restaurant which ranked passably on my cool-enough-to-let-the-world know barometer and I feverishly downloaded the Foursquare app on my dinosaur (psst.. iPhone 2G). But thanks to ever-efficient AT&T, the app took ages to download and when it did, the app started crashing everytime I tried signing up. Thwarted at the first attempt, next time I was ready. I had my ever handy Yelp app, which also allowed check-ins (you see everyone except me has jumped on this :P). And I was already logged in so that I don’t give AT&T one more chance to screw me over. On one rare Friday night where me & L decided to act our age & went for an early meal outside (check-in#1), a secondhand bookstore that I absolutely love (check-in#2). The stack of awesome books that we carried under our arms tempted us to go home & kickback our feet threatening our check-in plan. So we stuck to our plan & went to our fav dive bar (check-in#3). So what did the next day bring? No, not a hangover, we didn’t go THAT crazy! 😛 But an evaluation as to what our check-in experience taught us.
a. We had an amazing time!! And that too after such a long time
b. Scored some awesome books..
c. This check-in isn’t all that great for the reasons that its promoted. But it does have an appeal if you are into the I’ll-have-fun-so-that-I-can-show-that-I-had-fun category.
But our fun wasn’t because of the check-ins. I (yes, the hubby didn’t know about my check-in mania till he checked his twitter feed the next day), had fun during that time & it wasn’t dictated by the check-ins or even any technology media. It was good old fashioned going out with friends on a Friday kinda fun. So even though I didn’t fall in love with the whole fad & won’t be following the world (src: Foursquare 2010 report card: 3400% growth), but if you love it, sure, go ahead. There’s a reason the terms ‘fads’ was added to the dictionary 😉

Cheers m/