Todo list: Weekend 04/03

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Update: I started this post as a todo list this Friday and decided that I would post this after I was done crossing out some of the things on the list. And I did!! On Saturday 🙂 So with every muscle, that didn’t get a workout in the past, aching, I present to you the todo list for the weekend:


Since we moved to this house in Oct, we haven’t done anything with the yard. Well, that’s not true. We did dig up the entire backyard to get rid of the thing that masqueraded as a lawn. And as rookies, we did it without the use of any powered tools or taking the simple route of using sod. ‘It’ comprises of turning the soil, removing the grass, mixing the fertilizer, seeding, and covering with top soil. Since both, L & I, work didn’t have spare time during the week, we did this over 2 weekends. And then it rained. We were in luck since we didn’t have to water it. We waited an entire week to see signs of grass. One early morning, just before leaving for work, when I peeked outside, I saw birds nibbling at the grass. And squirrels!! C’mon!! Not fair!! After all the blisters and aches, we ended up with a patchy lawn. And that killed our enthusiasm to bust our butt in the winter doing yard work. Result — a yard full of weeds. And we are ‘that’ house on the block that doesn’t take care of the yard. So we decided to get in a gardener. But as luck would have it, the gardener who gave an initial quote of $500 to clean both the yards and get rid of all the weeds, upped his quote to $1000 just ‘coz he wasn’t available for a month after the first quote & now apparently the work has doubled. I was so pissed off when I heard his revised quote that I decided to take matters into my own hands & clean up on my own. So this weekend is going to be dedicated to yard work.

  • Mow the grass (We got the Fiskars Reel Lawn Mower and its amazing. So now we have a mowed lawn!!)
  • Trim the bougainvillea
  • Kill/remove most of the weeds (This a harder battle to win. The weeds on the front yard are trimmed down.. still working on side spaces)
  • Plant something in the area next to the main entrance (Since it was overcast yesterday & we were eager to try the lawn mower before it started raining, we didn’t get any plants 🙁 But the weekend isn’t over yet ;))

Cheers 🙂