A lil bit of this, a lil bit of that..

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This past weekend was one of the we-planned-this-but-we-did-something-else weekends. The only single thing that we did according to plan was our much awaited trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Since no words can ever do justice to the sights of/at the aquarium, I’m just going to upload some pictures.

Above are few of the images of the planned part of the day. The unplanned part involved someone falling sick, a food allergy, toilet paper unwrapping game on the Android (don’t ask) and a quiet end to the day. The next day started out quietly, but a quick nursery run ensured a satisfactory high note end to the weekend. Remember how I mentioned that we need to start making sure that our backyard gets the love that it deserves. Well this weekend turned out to be a mini love-fest. We got some herbs and a few flowers. And we converted a tiny patch adjoining one edge of the house from dreary to a tiny bit bright point of interest.

The before:

The partners-in-crime:

Also waiting in the wings:

And a close up:

Voila, the after:

All in all, an amazing weekend!!