First DIY project: Bench cushion

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We have been in this house for a year now (Happy First Bday to our house!!). Right off the bat, we had decided that we aren’t going to just go out and get all the furniture and accessories in a single trip. We wanted to take our time to make sure our house represented us. And thanks to our bank account which told us that it would be simply impossible to do that (the exact words were: Have you recently inherited a castle or are just plain nuts?). Around the same time, I developed this mild obsession with sites like Apartment Therapy and other design/home improvement/homemaking websites and blogs. I secretly envied the ease and talent with which the homeowners would take up DIY projects to bend store bought stuff to their likes and tastes. I was itching to do a project like this. The empty nooks in my house were crying out loud for help. But my natural resistance against breaking something, held us back. But I came across this awesome post on Young House Love where they tackled the question about how to start your first project.

So geared with all the knowledge the pros documented on the internet (How did people survive before the internet??), we undertook our first project — the bench cushion. We had this Ikea cabinet that we picked up from their As-Is section. We think it was supposed to be a TV cabinet, but it was supposed to be our shoe storage. It worked perfectly for our empty entryway.

But over time, we realized that we really need a cushion to make it really functional. All the upholstery projects on Apartment Therapy (sorry, I didn’t save the links) gave us enough confidence. So after a trip to the-candy-store a.k.a Joann, we were ready to create this baby.

Stuff we used:

  • Foam
  • Glue
  • Batting (We chose to use an old bedsheet)
  • A blade (to cut the foam to the size of your bench)
  • Fabric that would serve as the cover

We cut the foam as per the bench size. Since I had an old bedsheet lying around, I didn’t bother with using batting. We used glue for attaching the bedsheet to the foam.

For the cover we found this beige fabric at Joann for $8/yard. Since sewing isn’t my strongest suit, my mother-in-law helped with the sleeve for the cushion. And the final result … ta-daaa….

We are super excited about our new super comfy bench cushion. And more importantly, about the fact that this marks a successful start of our upcoming diy projects 🙂