New world

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(Exaggeration alert for a people who aren’t into things like these…)

4 years ago, on my bday, my brother gave me the first gen iPhone. He worked at the school bookstore during the holidays to buy this gadget. I was using on my Sony walkman phone those days. I was pretty content and hadn’t caught the iPhone fever yet. But since then, I’ve been a huge fan. The form factor, the UI, the experience.. everything. I didn’t realize how the iPhone had changed how I interacted with everything, till a trip back home when I had to use my old Sony phone. My 5+ years of using key-based phones had been rendered useless by almost 2 years of this magical device. I couldn’t perform the basic actions like lock/unlock a keyboard. My parents couldn’t understand this and I think thought of me as a typical non resident snob.

Due to my stupidity of changing my number a month and a day before the iPhone 4 (that warranted a new contract, thanks ATT!!), meant I was stuck with my first gen classic for 2 more years. So I watched the world around me upgrade to iOS 4, iOS 5 with the arrival of the 4S, and some to Android. But 2 weeks back I tagged along with Z to get a camera dongle for his iPad. And while I was messing around with my phone, we had a weird conversation.
Z: What color?
Me: What??
Z: Tell me what color you want?
Me: Huh?? Wha….??
Z: (w/ impish smile) Color please.
Me: (w/ a sappy grin on my face) 4S?? really?? Really?? Umm.. Let me think.. White.. Yes white.. WHITE!!
Z: (gloating over the fact that we was able to pull this off flawlessly!!)

I’ve had this for a little over 2 weeks now and I’m in love. It’s like looking at the world with new eyes. With my old phone, beyond the fact that I couldn’t upgrade to never versions of apps that were built for iOS 4+, I didn’t miss anything. But now with this phone I feel as if I’ve entered a new world. I’ve apps that make things so much easier for me. It has enabled me to keep up with the things that I love online, get back to things that I love offline quicker.