Social handicap

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Person X: Wow, that’s a pretty dress
Me: I know.. I decide to dress up once a year.. (yada yada…)

This is generally how a conversation goes if someone comments on how I look. Situations like these are uncommon for me. Very little motivation to dress up or keeping up with the latest fashion trends for the past 20+ years has made me what I am today. And now that, for the past year or so, I’ve decided to make an effort into being particular about how I dress up has put me into aforementioned awkward situations. Well, to be fair, the situation isn’t uncommon or awkward, I just make them so. Having never had to accept a compliment about my clothes or the way I look meant, I don’t (and still don’t) know how to react to them. And when faced with something like this means I launch into this whole self deprecating story about how I make sure that my entire wardrobe for the year is just jeans and tshirt and how I make an effort to dress up on one day of the year. My mouth is saying all these things and my brain is just saying 2 words — ‘SHUT UP!!’..

So if you’ve ever paid me a compliment, I would like to say ‘Thanks a lot! You look very lovely too. I love the color of your dress!’