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From a recent trip to the local bookstore, I got out of the store with more than half a dozen books. This time around, a bunch of them were food essays. Like Ruth Riechl’s Comfort Me With Apples, Not Becoming My Mother and Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia (which happens to be one of my favorite movies). But as it happens usually after every book buying spree, I felt guilty about not reading all the books that I already have.

So on a saturday afternoon, I’m going through Alton Brown’s Good Eats, The Early Years. It’s technically a recipe book. But anyone who has watched even a single Good Eats episode, knows that each show, each recipe is more than just that, a recipe. It’s a whole production. And every episode ends with this AHA moment.

Anyways as I was reading the recipe for biscuits, there was this line..

The most important recipes you can collect are family recipes

I completely agree with this. There are times when I crave steamed pork buns from this small chinese restaurant or an animal style burger from In-N-Out. But, more often than not, I’m thinking about my mom’s fish curry, Z’s aaloo-gobhi or the amazing shrimp with tomato gravy that my dad makes. Since I never note down these recipes, I generally find myself calling mom when I’m just about to cook dinner. But at the end of the meal, I promise myself that I will write down the recipe before I go to sleep. But as history has proven, that never happens..

But this is why we started this blog. To document all those recipes. But we haven’t gotten around to doing that often. Juggling full time jobs and a long commute, doesn’t make for a frequently updated blog. Nor do pictures in artificial lighting. We have yet to figure out how to click good pictures (for the step-by-step instructions), and trying to get the perfect picture of the final dish when we don’t care much about plating/lighting since we just want to sit down & start eating.

Apparently the solution to these problems (#firstworld) is blogging about weekend food experiments. But I know that doesn’t ensure that we’ll end up posting regularly. So to tackle that I’ve already created a list of recipes/dishes that I think I’ll be trying out before next week. One that has to have plums since our neighbor asked us to help ourselves with the plums from the tree that branches into our backyard. My initial search through Martha Stewart’s food site & other blogs has led to a loooong list. So hopefully I’ll narrow down the list to one of them. Fingers crossed for a yummy plum jam/tart/cake/something & frequent blogging!