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I was going through my phone yesterday trying to find a good picture. But I realized that I didn’t have many. But I remember taking pictures on my phone all the time. That’s when it struck me. I stopped using Instagram!!

I just went ahead and deleted my Instagram when I first heard about the Facebook buyout. I wanted to avoid all the mess that merger was going to create. I had other apps that would let me add filters & post to twitter etc. But along the way I stopped using my phone to take pictures altogether. Instagram was (I don’t know how it looks today) an amazing app. It wasn’t about the mind-blowing pics as much as it was about sharing with a bunch of people. And it did that one thing very well. Good enough to warrant an FB acquisition offer anyways.

This is an old Instagram pic from when Z & I were finally in the same timezone after a month

To say that I kinda missed Instagram yesterday won’t be straying too far away from the truth. I missed the fact that I could click a quick picture of my lunch & have Z comment on it in the next few hours. He is a huge fan of the app. He doesn’t have the same issues with FB as I do. But I was just looking through his pictures today, & I realized that he’s stopped using the app too. If our intent is just to share the picture, why do we care what app we use? And if we aren’t using ‘the’ app, why should it stop us from whipping out our phone & capturing that moment in time? Logically it shouldn’t. But it does. Sad, but true. Maybe that’s why I have this super tiny voice in my head telling me to go back to using Instagram. Since when did an app start changing what we do as opposed to how we do it??

Sigh…. First world problems