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It’s been ages since I posted over here. And I’ve no better excuse than the fact that other things preempted blogging. Things like work, newer opportunities,  a trip to India, my brother’s wedding and a new arrival in the form of a teeny tiny baby. A baby who makes an arrival in March next year. We are super excited about this news. So life’s kinda filled with new experiences everyday.

While we look forward to our bundle of joy, the holiday season has already begun in full swing. As a family who loves to spend time in the kitchen, Thanksgiving is up high on our list of favorite holidays (as evidenced by our last year’s post). Even though I started thinking about Thanksgiving a few weeks back, it just dawned on me yesterday night that even though I’m making chicken instead of turkey this year, I still need to go & buy the bird. So I finally got down to finalizing my menu, making a grocery list before marching to Whole Foods.

My Thanksgiving menu this year:

  • French Onion soup courtesy Smitten Kitchen
  • Mashed Potatoes courtesy Alton Brown
  • Roast chicken courtesy yours truly (recipe to follow soon)
  • Chicken gravy
  • Fried brussel sprouts courtesy Tracy aka Shutterbean
  • Chicken wings (still deciding between 2 recipes)
  • And finally, Lemon drenched lemon cake courtesy Joy the Baker

(Of all these recipes, the French Onion soup is the one that I’m worried about the most. Everything else is tried & tested. Hopefully I’ll be able to plan well, not tire myself out and make a successful Thanksgiving meal).

Today we went to a new Whole Foods. One by our new house. Oh yeah, we are moving into a new place :D.. Anywhoooo, moving on.. As every Whole Foods store, this one is in a pretty amazing neighborhood. Add the holiday season, and we felt like we belonged here. Just looking at everyone around sizing the produce on display, checking off ingredients on their shopping lists, asking the butcher for advice, all this put us in an amazing mood. My super ambitious menu didn’t seem intimidating anymore. Infact, now that I think about it, it seems pretty manageable. And it felt like this was the push that we needed to start cooking and trying out new stuff again. Who knew it was just a trip to Whole Foods away 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!!!