These days..

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Over the week you get busy with work, everyday commute, bills that need to be paid (for folks who don’t use the super convenient auto payments yet -> looks at self), and recently a super active newborn. Friday seems to have become the day when I finally come up for air. In a good way. ‘Coz I finally get to look forward to spending 2 whole days with the baby, at home, rather than making rush trips during lunch break. Luckily for me, office isn’t super far.

My first week back at work involved making trips back and forth during lunch break and leaving early from work. Well, that didn’t last long. I didn’t get to spend quality time at work or at home. Evenings left me super tired. So mom & I decided that the rushed-lunch-break-trip-home had to stop. And it’s better this way. I get to concentrate more on work. And when I’m home, I get to spend the entire time with Bebu without having to worry about anything else.

And it’s been fun lately. This 3 month mark is amazing. More laughs, more coos, more of those impish looks. Babies get attracted to silly things. Bebu keeps talking (read: cooing) looking at the red clothes hanger that we have up on our curtain rod to hold all those tiny socks & mittens. And looking out of the window. Her red monkey toy. But the 12 week mark has also brought along a few sleepless nights (for the parents, duhh!). But the amazing things far outweigh those. *Touchwood*

We’ve already started looking at swim classes. And started talking about who’s going to help with Math homework (too early?? ;)) Oh and the bedtime stories and books that we grew up with are different than the ones here. Thanks to 150 yrs of British ruling the India, we were exposed to a different kind of literature. If you can call kids bedtime story books that! We have the Goodnight Moon, and another one about sheeps. I’m looking at expanding the baby book library. And looking for suggestions!

We are still pretty new to this baby stuff but are getting the hang of it. And so far it’s been amazing!