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Everyday, thanks to Twitter, Google News, blogs, there’s so much to read. Multiple bookmarking services (read: Delicious et al) help to maintain a list of the articles that I would like to come back to. So now I decided to keep a record of those here. I give you – ‘On the internets this week’ (yes, the ‘internets’ is not a typo & no, it’s not proper grammar). The title has been adapted from one of my favorite shows growing up – The World this Week.

If you saw Apple’s WWDC iOS7 launch, you will enjoy this Jony Ive Redesigns Things

How to be an Introvert in an Extroverted World – This is an excellent article about.. well.. what the title states 🙂

People who love Bollywood movies, this article is something that’ll resonate with you

On sites that resonate, I highly recommend Honest Toddler and Epic Parenting

And, this video of kids being kids 🙂

Since Google Reader is going to be killed come July.. moment of silence.. I migrated to Feedly. It’s pretty awesome. The UI is very clean & I love their iPhone app. Win-win. Here’s how you can migrate to Feedly

If you’ve had roommates, you know you wanted to say this