Hello bebu

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Time flies. Especially with a baby around. And it was on this date, a year back, that we found out about our precious bundle of joy. Someone who has changed everything. In a good way. I don’t even remember what we did on weekdays after we came from work. Or how did we exactly spend our weekends. We had a lot of time then. But I like this phase. ‘Coz free time is hard to come by. And seems pretty precious. I feel as if I get more done during those nap times. Super precious nap times.

So, in honor of this one year celebration, I wanted to debut this new card that mamma made. This reminds me of bebu every time I look at it. And giraffe seems to have the same twinkle as bebu.

Love you sweetheart.

Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought in our lives.


Mamma & Daidu