Ikea love – Storage & baby edition

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I’m a huge fan of Ikea. I don’t care what people say about it. I’m head-over-heels in love with that store. I’ve had furniture that has lasted forever. Our Ikea Ramberg bed lasted us for 7 years, at the end of which we decided to graduate to a grownup bed. But I still think the Ikea one was better (sorry Z!). So great is my love for the store that the only concrete todo item on my list for my maternity leave was to go to Ikea once my mom came over. That was going to be my first attempt at decorating the nursery since we had gotten our house back after the contractors finished work on the kitchen & we reclaim our house back. But bebu had other plans and decided to make a grand entrance on the day of what would have been my 1st day off from work. Poor baby never got a proper, decorated nursery.

So 4 months later, we made 2 trips to Ikea (of which the 1st one was Bebu’s first trip to a store [start ’em when they are young, i say]). And I like the new stuff they have in the store.

Ikea makes you do a doubletake when you look at their staged rooms. Just the sheer amount of storage they have in such a small space is mind boggling. Things that I liked –

1. Pallra box – This is my attempt to finally storing all my jewelry in one place. And it’s holding up good so far. And this discovery is all thanks to Anna from Door Sixteen (link).

2.Pallra box, set of 4 – I didn’t get this one, but not for my lack of wanting it. Z wasn’t a huge fan of these & I didn’t have a convincing enough reason to get it (yet!)

3. Skubb boxes – We have the . And currently we use it in Bebu’s room. We got these ones in the turquoise and lilac. Now all the toys, bath stuff have their own place. No more clutter. Since these look easy to clean, I’ve also started using one of these as a laundry basket for her clothes.

4. Godmorgon – We have a tiny master bathroom. Even with very few things that fall under the category of makeup, this is a problem. I love the entire Godmorgon line. And this one especially. Just look at the amount of things you can store!!

5. Losjön hooks – Yes, I get it. They are functional. Super functional. But so puuurttyyyyyy!!! 😀

Baby Stuff:
Baby stores are overwhelming for me. Too much stuff. But Ikea makes it seem easy.

We are currently using is the Kusiner boxes (3). I wanted a storage system for diapering. This is a perfect fit for one wipes box and 12 diapers. Done and done! One box is to hold her toys. For now..

Tableware et al: Bebu hasn’t started drinking other liquids yet. But I want to have this Börja sippy cup (1) around once she’s ready.
The solids food phase is coming soon. I got these Smaska bowls (3) set. And apparently babies are known to spill & spit out food. Who knew? So I finally got around to getting a few bibs. Hence the Klaad (5). But, plastic bibs.. (Kladd Randig bib (2) ) Fewer items in the laundry? I’m game!

I guess one more trip is in order.