Perfect paths

Tagged as: methinks

We have an idea of how we want things to turn out. We develop a kind of tunnel vision with that end goal. We put on blinders and turn a blind eye towards other possibilities. But if we pause and rethink our definition of this ‘perfect’ way to do something, we would realize that our version of perfect may not align with someone else’s. Infact, I’m sure it doesn’t. ‘Coz there’s no absolute in perfect. It’s relative to each person’s view of that something they yearn for. So somewhere down the line when you are pursuing your goal using your ‘perfect’ method, you’ve already veered off course from someone else’s ‘perfect’ path of achieving the same goal.

Now that we know this, why are we so hung up on finding one single path to something? Why don’t we let ourselves loose and learn to adapt? Learn to keep our eyes open for things coming along and modifying our path. As long as we reach our destination and had fun during the journey there, does it really matter what path we took?