January Cure – Week#1

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January Cure

When it comes to home, we have a laundry list of stuff that needs to get done. But with work and grocery and other stuff, that gets these things get relegated to the bottom of the list. And the end of holidays doesn’t help either.

But January is supposed to all about resolutions. And also writing down your intentions for the new year. That’s a post for another day though. But today is about Apartment Therapy’s January Cure challenge. They have these assignments that you have to do over the week. And if you look at the way they’ve broken these down, your ginormous list of getting your home in order actually seems doable. SOLD!

As part of the first assignment, I’ve written down the things I want to tackle as part of this challenge. As with every list, this is super ambitious. I know I won’t be able to get all these things done. Also, for quite a few of these I need Z’s help. But even if I’m able to knock off half the things, I’ll be in a better place that I’m right now.

Assignment#1 –¬†Project List

Entry way:

  • Create a foyer board
  • a catch all for the mail
  • Rehang the mirror
  • Clean the shoe stand & cabinet

Living room:

  • Pack away the Christmas tree
  • Add stuff to that corner/nook
  • Make the dining table functional
  • Add some kind of storage for blankets
  • Get a rug
  • Create a functional coat closet


  • Add shelf liners
  • Rearrange stuff
  • Add some open shelves
  • Find that elusive ‘perfect’ buffet cabinet


  • Add a functional closet
  • Clean out the existing storage
  • Create a play area
  • Add curtains
  • Wall decor

Master bedroom & bath:

  • Roman shades for the small window
  • Purge the closets
  • Clean out the dresser drawers
  • Figure out a storage strategy for the bathroom