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I’ve been totally random about posting to the blog. And recently I was thinking if it’s even worth having one if I don’t post anything regularly. So, in an effort to posting regularly, I’m going to revive this series () that I started (and didn’t really post that often to develop into a series.. *womp womp*)

Things to do:

  • My MIL is an amazing seamstress and I missed the opportunity to learn it from her. So I’m making up for the lost time. I signed up for the online sewing class created by the uber popular blog A Beautiful Mess. Details about the class here -> A Beautiful Mess – Sew with us. Also if you sign up before April 8th, you get $15 off, so the class would be for $30.
  • If you stay in the Bay area, there are lots of things you can do with your kids. After our Costa Rica trip, I can see the benefit of joining Z on his hikes. Albeit, not the ones where he is out of the house at 4.30am.. on a weekend.. So, first one on the cards is Rancho San Antonio Open Preserve where we can visit Deer Hollow Farm. They have a barnyard with a bunch of farm animals, with new addition in the form of newborn lambs. I think the sprout is going to have a fun time running around.
  • Another fun thing that people in the Bay area can enjoy. If your kid loves Monterey Bay Aquarium, they are going to love this! The minimum age limit is 5. More info here: Seashore Sleepovers. I think the March 28th one is already sold out, but they have 2 more dates available.

Random stuff I stumbled upon

  • My fav spots for baby/kid clothes shopping have been Old Navy/Target/H&M. I recently came across this Buzzfeed article about 33 places to shop for kids. One word – Mindblown! I’d never even heard about the majority ones on this list. And I’m excited to check it out.
  • Speaking of shopping, we had a belated birthday party for the sprout this past weekend. It was awesome! Even though we’d mentioned that we would rather have gifts in the form of hugs & kisses for the birthday girl, people were super generous and got amazing gifts for her. Some of her gifts were from Learning Express. We loved them! We’ve never seen them at the local ToysRUs. I think there’s a trip to the store on the cards in the very near future.
  • One more in the kid stuff category, last one, I promise! Like everything related to kids, I found that there are a ton of options if you want to get a balance bike. My first approach was going to be just looking at the Amazon reviews and ask people around. But I found an amazing resource thanks to google – Two Wheeling Tots. There’s a ton of info for all things related to kids on two wheels.
  • And now in a totally not a kid-related category, I recently heard a discussion on NPR about what is apparently a pretty popular thing – The 36 Questions That Lead to Love. In the discussion they were talking about how these questions create a closeness among two individuals which is the basis of a lasting relationship. You can hear the discussion here -> The Psychologist Behind the 36 Questions to Make You Fall in Love

That’s it from me. Happy weekend everyone!