On the internets this week# Vol 3

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Intro: Instead of posting multiple things this week, I’m just going to post the following one. I’d actually come across Sonia Singh’s Tree Change Dolls quite a long time back. But I stumbled over this again when someone in my network posted it on FB. I was struck, again, by how amazing this venture is. And how this is something that came very naturally to Sonia, but has had quite an effect on people who’ve come across it.

Dolls makeover:
I had three Barbie dolls growing up. I never really connected with them except for the one time when I along with my cousin and aunts made clothes for them. In different clothes, clothes that I would likely wear, they looked different. More approachable. So when I came across this story about Sonia Singh in Australia recycling old dolls by giving them a makeover, it really resonated.