Judging ourselves

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Today on my way back from work, I was listening to what turned out to be a super interesting interview with Carly Rae Jepsen (of the Call me, maybe fame). She’s come up with a new album after her runaway hit 3 years ago. She was talking about how she loves pop music. The host asked her about how pop always seems to be a target of judgement. She mentioned how she always gets asked about what kind of music is her guilty pleasure. She said, ‘I always think that’s such a strange thing — because if it gives me pleasure, I’m never going to feel guilty for it.‘. And I thought that was brilliant! Seriously, how many times do we judge ourselves for liking something that doesn’t fall within the acceptable norms? She spoke about how she grew up listening to folk music, which she still loves. But something changed when she heard Spice Girls. I know I loved the Spice Girls. I grew up in that era. But, at the same time I cannot count how many times I’ve rolled my eyes everything the Backstreet Boys played (while humming the lyrics). How’s that for being hypocrite? So here’s to not judging ourselves and everyone around us for the choices in music, clothes or anything for that matter.

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