Dipping my toes into planner/organization world

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It started out with a almost-missed meeting. Then for a week I dressed my daughter in specific colored clothes as per her daycare ‘summer fun’ schedule. And on Thursday I realized I was looking at the next week, instead of the current. God forbid, I rescheduled her swim schedule. I would always dread forgetting her newly scheduled class. Finally, I accepted that I can no longer keep everything in my head. I just couldn’t keep track of it all. So, I turned to trusty Pinterest to see what other people do when it comes to organizing/planning needs. And I encountered a whole new world of planners!

And I realized this was one of those things that was different growing up in a different country. Apparently, it’s super common here in the US for students to start using planners when they start college, or earlier in some cases if they see their parents/older siblings use it. On the other hand, I never had any kind of solid success with my scribbled todo lists at crunch times like a day before exams. But over the past few years, I’ve tried a bunch of things and realized that I don’t have one silver bullet to address this issue. I’ve tried a bunch of apps on my phone, Any.do, Wunderlist, etc. And I was kind of shocked that they didn’t really work for me. Surprisingly when it came to digital solutions, for everyday task lists, Gmail’s Tasks, which is a digital version of pen-and-paper list, worked. But I couldn’t replicate the success for tasks spanning more than 2-3 days. And what about reminder appointments etc? What I was able to figure out though was that pen and paper with some kind of calendar solution works.

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve looked at multiple blogs, youtube videos to look at other people’s ‘systems’. And I fell through this amazing rabbithole that is the world of planners, filofaxes, travel notebooks et al. And color me impressed! There’s a bunch of options. And the best part about is that people have tweaked it to make it work for them. And it has taken them quite a few tries to get a single solution to work for all or at least most of their needs.

For my first foray into this world I’ve ordered the Webster Pages’s Color Crush planner. It’s not super expensive and it comes with the month and week on 2 pages view (don’t worry, this is terminology you just pick up along the way). It’s on preorder right now, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Apparently, Webster’s Pages doesn’t sell planners on their website anymore. You can get them from other sources though. Jennifer from My Purpley Life has a great post about where to find them.

One more product that I’m super excited about is the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (MTN). They look just so clean. And the fact that you can customize it fit your needs exactly is great. This also seems to be the goto option for people who are into journaling. There are some excellent sources for how people have customized their Midoris:

And, then there’s the whole Filofax world! They offer tons of options in terms of size, colors, inserts. I wanted to try planners as a concept since filofaxes are quite pricey. A good resource for all things filofax is Philofaxy. Zulily has a great sale on Filofaxes right now http://www.zulily.com/e/filofax-139549.html?ref=search_carousel (note: if the link doesn’t work, the sale has probably ended).

Honorable mentions for planners: MAMBI’s Create 365 planner, Kikki-k planners (so pretty), Erin Condren Life Planners to name a few. I’ve created a new Pinterest board for all things planners.

Search for hashtags #planneraddict, filofax, #midoritravelersnotebook for more ideas and inspiration.

Update: I was going to publish this post along with pictures of my new Color Crush planner, but unfortunately, the seller said that it isn’t going to be here till sept/oct. I realized I couldn’t wait that long to start using a planner. So I cancelled my order. For now, I’m back to square one, better informed though.