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Some time back (ok, a long time back), I posted about planners. Since then, I’ve spent quite some time looking into this and trying to figure out what works. I meant to post about my findings, but, life happened. Life in the form of a cuddly newborn 🙂 (that’s another post though)!

Long story short, I looked at quite a few planners. Then I realized that I liked the flexibility of the bullet journal system. I liked the fact that I could customize it to suit my needs and it met my #1 objective of getting things done. You can read about the bullet journal system here. My first introduction to it was actually through a different source, Kara from Boho Berry. She’s got a bunch of articles that offer loads of insights & ideas into making it work for you. Another good overview – My Complete {Illustrated} Guide to Bullet Journalling. You can also look at how other people use it by following the PlanWithMe challenge on instagram/facebook. The details for the May challenge are on Boho Berry.

So, here’s my custom traveller’s notebook that my mom made for me

I’ve 2 ruled Moleskine Volant notebooks that I picked up from Marshalls in there. The jury is out on the preferred supplies. But for now I like a regular ballpoint pen. I also like using the Pilot Frixion pens since they don’t bleed. I used some of my mom’s Staedler Triplus pens. I want to get used to the idea of using 0.5 pens before I pull the trigger on my Amazon order.

Since I was on my maternity leave, I hadn’t gotten the chance to follow through the challenge in the past months. But this month I’m doing it. It’s a great way to get insights into everyone else’s ideas and ways of making the system work for them. I’m posting my challenge posts on Instagram @sillibillu.

Another great source that I found in the past few months that I’ve been experimenting with BuJo is @therevisionguide. She’s amazing way with doodles. And the best part is that she has easy to follow instructions on recreating them.

We have a million different things and a thousand more distractions every day. If there’s something that can help us tackle the mountain of todos, one at a time, it’s definitely worth the time. BuJo seems to be that for me. I realized that I actually went without looking at my phone upwards of 3 hours in one stretch (the horror!! 😮 ;)).
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