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Bebu’s week out

We are just settling in after a whirlwind(?) trip to Vegas. Most people go to Vegas to celebrate their 21st birthday, Bebu celebrated her 5 month bday in style. Why Vegas? ‘Coz my brother & his wife stay there. And it seemed like a perfect spot for the entire family to congregate since my parents… Read more »

Hello bebu

Time flies. Especially with a baby around. And it was on this date, a year back, that we found out about our precious bundle of joy. Someone who has changed everything. In a good way. I don’t even remember what we did on weekdays after we came from work. Or how did we exactly spend… Read more »

These days..

Over the week you get busy with work, everyday commute, bills that need to be paid (for folks who don’t use the super convenient auto payments yet -> looks at self), and recently a super active newborn. Friday seems to have become the day when I finally come up for air. In a good way…. Read more »

Baby stuff – the good, meh & on-the-fence

Early this year, I started getting worried. With my due date approaching fast, I hadn’t started buying stuff for the baby. My first trip was during the Christmas break to buy gifts for a friend’s kids. It was more of a test-the-waters trip. I ventured into Toys-R-Us. I bought gifts for the kids and then… Read more »

Back from hiatus..

After being MIA for almost 5 months (hadn’t realized it had been that long till right this moment!), I’m back.. Kinda sorta.. The reason for being MIA.. This precious lil cutiepie.. Meet Bebu. She was born on the 11th of March. She decided to come 2 weeks early so that her mamma wouldn’t have to… Read more »