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The new every day

I’ve been out of the kitchen for a very long time. Aside from the occasional meals, I’ve mostly let Z handle the kitchen. Him being a whiz at cooking, also helps. I remember the last time I cooked was when we had just moved in our current house, when I was almost 6 months pregnant…. Read more »

Takoyaki to Appe: Think differently :)

Appe, to me till quite recently was alien and all of a sudden my facebook news feed had atleast three people posting about Appe. What a coincidence! Until last year we were crazy for Japanese street food (octopus balls/Takoyaki) and bought a Takoyaki pan as well for that but never got around making them and… Read more »

The Tandoori Chicken

By far the most popular of the Indian Clay Oven (Tandoor) dishes. I am trying to put this into a simple recipe where the only thing that takes time is the marination. Three steps and that should do it. Preparation Time:  15mins Marinating Time: At least 4-5hrs Cooking Time: 20mins Ingredients: (serves 4 people) 4 pieces of the… Read more »

Happy Holidays!!

Holidays to me mean pretty lights, Christmas carols in stores, light traffic on the roads, smiles everywhere you turn & a 10 day shutdown at work. The bay area weather gods have decided to dump rain this Christmas. That meant cookies to me 😀 I really like Martha Stewart’s recipe for chewy chocolate chip cookies…. Read more »

Rains and warm beverages

Last weekend we were prepping for the move to the new house. Last weekend it was super rainy here. So while we were tripping over boxes, trying to decide what stuff to take v/s what to purge, naturally I decided to take a break. So I used the rains and the cold weather as an… Read more »

All it takes is a nudge..

It’s been ages since I posted over here. And I’ve no better excuse than the fact that other things preempted blogging. Things like work, newer opportunities,  a trip to India, my brother’s wedding and a new arrival in the form of a teeny tiny baby. A baby who makes an arrival in March next year. We… Read more »

All things food

Z is a huge Instagram fan. That combined with his love of cooking meant that his feed is full of food-related  pics. Here are a few: Cream of Mushroom Soup adapted from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child et al. Scrambled eggs, Hot dog-in-a-bun & onion bread Grilled chicken on a bed… Read more »