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Takoyaki to Appe: Think differently :)

Appe, to me till quite recently was alien and all of a sudden my facebook news feed had atleast three people posting about Appe. What a coincidence! Until last year we were crazy for Japanese street food (octopus balls/Takoyaki) and bought a Takoyaki pan as well for that but never got around making them and… Read more »

The Tandoori Chicken

By far the most popular of the Indian Clay Oven (Tandoor) dishes. I am trying to put this into a simple recipe where the only thing that takes time is the marination. Three steps and that should do it. Preparation Time:  15mins Marinating Time: At least 4-5hrs Cooking Time: 20mins Ingredients: (serves 4 people) 4 pieces of the… Read more »

Dinner4Two: Egg Biryani with Garlic salan

Egg Biryani experiences have always been a hit or miss (more misses than hits). Every time I see it on the menu it sounds super tempting. So, the other day I ordered it at an Indian restaurant and that was it! I decided to take the task upon myself. With the whole dinner4two manifesto, the… Read more »

Chicken Biryani….

Chicken Biryani, one of my favorites and for sure is THE MOST elaborate dish that I have ever prepared and indeed the most satisfying one as well (my way of saying it turned out awesome…. :p 😉 ) Ok so back to the business …. here is what you need for this mouth-watering finger-licking  heavenly… Read more »

Tikka Tacos…

Tikka Tacos was one thing I was planning on for so long and recently it became a reality. Food is one thing that really detoxifies me and it came once again to the rescue on a gloomy tiring/irritating Sunday evening. Didn’t have an awesome day and wanted to cook something for the evening to put a nice… Read more »