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Dinner4Two: Egg Biryani with Garlic salan

Egg Biryani experiences have always been a hit or miss (more misses than hits). Every time I see it on the menu it sounds super tempting. So, the other day I ordered it at an Indian restaurant and that was it! I decided to take the task upon myself. With the whole dinner4two manifesto, the… Read more »

Trying to right a wrong.. Brussel sprouts chips

Everytime I go to the grocery store, the brussel sprouts invariably catch my eye. They are just sitting there with no prospects to land on anyone’s dinner plate tonight. Except if it’s Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for this amazing veggie, being on every kid’s ‘Hate-this’ list didn’t do them any favors. My first intro to sprouts (read:… Read more »

Dinner for 2

Over the past few days, we’ve been trying a new strategy for dinner. A strategy that involves me sitting on the sofa doing nothing except looking forward to awesome meals cooked by Z. And has the wait been worth it!! So, given that this is going to be a regular phenomena, we are creating a… Read more »

Good eats

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended 🙂 So we were right on track with the new year’s resolution of cooking more.. ****Drumroll**** So Z made this yesterday as an attempt to salvage the sauteed kale & mushroom veggie I was trying to make that failed due to lack of ingredients and conviction for starters. And salvage… Read more »

Happy Winter – Butternut squash soup

Yesterday was awesome! We visited the local farmer’s market.. Just 2 years after I last went to one.. Reason -> my inability to get up early on a weekend #firstworldpain… Anyways, back to the good part.. We couldn’t get enough of the fresh produce, and flowers, and more importantly, the whole atmosphere around. We even… Read more »

New year – new resolutions..

With the new year come new resolutions.. Last year I took the ‘Post A Week’ challenge.. Well, we know how that turned out. But then I realized, the reason that initiative failed (spectacularly, I might add!) was ‘coz of the lack of topics to talk about. But the silver lining of that whole initiative was… Read more »