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Chicken Biryani….

Chicken Biryani, one of my favorites and for sure is THE MOST elaborate dish that I have ever prepared and indeed the most satisfying one as well (my way of saying it turned out awesome…. :p 😉 ) Ok so back to the business …. here is what you need for this mouth-watering finger-licking  heavenly… Read more »

Simple fish recipe

One of the main reasons why we started this blog was to have one place where we could have a list of all our recipes (food experiments :D). This makes it easier for us as well our families spread across the world to refer them anytime of the day, irrespective of the time zones. So… Read more »


I started blogging regularly end of last year. With the Blog-A-Week challenge, I thought I would stick to the routine. But with the remodeling project, work and other things, the blog was relegated to things-we-never-get-around-to list. We started concentrating on the house again. So now that the renovating is almost close to the finish line,… Read more »

Good Eats … I ummm so sad…

Now that good eats has been officially declared to be discontinued … I am really disappointed but at the same time excited about the new stuff from Alton Brown . So here’s a run down of all the episodes … yeah all 249 of them courtesy Chicago tribune. I am sure I will be using… Read more »

Puff Pastry Paradise …

Puff Pastry… (pause)…..PUFF PASTRY….. From my 1st grade school cafeteria till yesterday, its one thing that has always been such a mystery to me, which I always loved to eat but somehow had this question too that how on earth do they make so many layers of crunch which taste so good, when will I… Read more »

Cooking & me

I love cooking. I come from a family who loves to cook and eat. We never think of food as a hobby or an interest, its just way of life. I remember how my dad used to get 3-4 kinds of seafood while coming back from work and insist that mom make one kind of… Read more »