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Happiness is

Coming home to a well-trimmed front yard.. Rains outside when you are tucked in a blanket with a cup of hot tea Daffodils blooming PERFECT roast chicken, courtesy Smitten Kitchen Friends who look out for you Friends who accompany you for dinner so that you won’t have to eat by yourself Friends who IM to… Read more »


Warning: Watch out for the hyper everything in the following post!! Our little side table project was featured on Roadkill Rescue!! I was super ecstatic when I got the email that our project was going to show up on the website. I mean COME ON!! Look at the projects over there. They are freakin awesome!!… Read more »

Silence is bliss…

Card in.. walk into the office.. screensavers on a few monitors that weren’t shut down last night.. computers humming quietly.. a few “mornin’s” as you pass the hallways.. Ahhh… bliss.. totally worth coming in super early to work.. Happy Friday!! Source: Disclaimer: The above mentioned tumblr blog actually changed my opinion about Ryan Gosling… Read more »

Time off

We just returned from our vacation.. Our first in quite a long time.. That and the fact that I finally graduated from my dinosaur (my vintage iPhone 1st gen) to the newest kid on the block, the 4S, meant I went click crazy. And I might’ve used Instagram more than I should have and irked… Read more »

Home is where the ….

Sometimes when I hear the word ‘home’ I wonder where home is.. As kids it was the childhood home. At the end of my tenth grade, I had a 3 month vacation. That time was special. I spent a sizable amount of my vacation at my native place. A not-so-quaint village in India. The vacation… Read more »

Puff Pastry Paradise …

Puff Pastry… (pause)…..PUFF PASTRY….. From my 1st grade school cafeteria till yesterday, its one thing that has always been such a mystery to me, which I always loved to eat but somehow had this question too that how on earth do they make so many layers of crunch which taste so good, when will I… Read more »