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Judging ourselves

Today on my way back from work, I was listening to what turned out to be a super interesting interview with Carly Rae Jepsen (of the Call me, maybe fame). She’s come up with a new album after her runaway hit 3 years ago. She was talking about how she loves pop music. The host… Read more »

Winding down

As the year comes to an end, we enter the retrospection mode (not you? then I guess it’s just me..). To say that this year was different than any other, is an understatement. With bebu, everything seems a lot more precious. And some, not so much. The center of my universe has changed for sure…. Read more »

Being alone

I was recently going through the drafts section & this post from March 2012 popped up. I never finished writing the entire post, hence it’s draft status. Publishing this for posterity.. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- Today when I opened the garage door to enter the house, I knew it was different. I knew that once I enter inside,… Read more »

Interrupting regular programming

I’m currently writing this post from Z’s office cafeteria. On a weekday. Before 6pm. This never happens. I don’t leave work that early. The only time I come to Z’s office is to drop him off ( well technically he drives to work, we just switch seats after he gets off, but that’s besides the… Read more »

New category

Stuff at job comes with lessons.. So I’m taking a page of Amy’s blog (Using Our Words), and jotting down lesson(s) of the day/week/month.. Lessons learned so far: Whoever said 8 hours sleep is necessary (guilty!) is lying.. Want proof? Add deadlines and lots of work to your plate In addition to the previous point,… Read more »