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Heal the world…

With the ongoing migrant crisis getting worse by the minute, couldn’t help but think of this. ~Preeti

Book love

I’ve been busy this past week — busy doing nothing. Well, not nothing.. I’ve been reading. You see, one of my favorite haunts is this bookstore by my office. They have a huuge selection of new and used books. And I always pick something up everytime I visit. But over the past few months I… Read more »

Time off

We just returned from our vacation.. Our first in quite a long time.. That and the fact that I finally graduated from my dinosaur (my vintage iPhone 1st gen) to the newest kid on the block, the 4S, meant I went click crazy. And I might’ve used Instagram more than I should have and irked… Read more »


Yesterday was my first dive into the Japanese culinary galaxy. I tried my luck on making the Miso soup and sushi for my wife on her birthday and combining it with the Valentine‚Äôs Day. (I thought I was smart :p) We ended up having an amazing plate of hand rolled sushi, California style sushi rolls… Read more »

In real life..

This Saturday the ever-trusty postman delivered the next movie on my Netflix queue, Dan in Real Life. I hadn’t seen or heard about the movie before I put it in my queue. Infact I don’t remember what, besides Steve Carell’s presence, appealed to me. But here it was and we popped it into the player… Read more »