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On the internets this week v5

Random stuff I stumbled upon: Rupi Kaur – If you haven’t heard about this Canadian based poet, you totally should check out some of her poems. They are pretty amazing. An interview with her: The poet every woman needs to read Found via: i do not want to have you to fill the empty parts… Read more »

On the internets this week v4

Random stuff I stumbled upon: This year our resolve was to travel. We went on what was our best trips till date, Costa Rica. And we loved it! This article on The Kitchn brought back so many memories from that trip. While we are on the subject of travel, one man’s experience of traveling to… Read more »

On the internets this week# Vol 3

Intro: Instead of posting multiple things this week, I’m just going to post the following one. I’d actually come across Sonia Singh’s Tree Change Dolls quite a long time back. But I stumbled over this again when someone in my network posted it on FB. I was struck, again, by how amazing this venture is…. Read more »

On the internets this week

I’ve been totally random about posting to the blog. And recently I was thinking if it’s even worth having one if I don’t post anything regularly. So, in an effort to posting regularly, I’m going to revive this series () that I started (and didn’t really post that often to develop into a series.. *womp… Read more »

On the internets this week – V2

Kids, nuff said -> 25 kids too trendy for their own good A compelling read on how we as a society treat failure and how/why that attitude needs to change Another compelling article about failure If you work at a tech company this article about how to work with your PM will resonate with you… Read more »

On the internets this week

Everyday, thanks to Twitter, Google News, blogs, there’s so much to read. Multiple bookmarking services (read: Delicious et al) help to maintain a list of the articles that I would like to come back to. So now I decided to keep a record of those here. I give you – ‘On the internets this week’… Read more »


  Things have been crazy busy lately. ¬†And all of it has been work related. I didn’t even realize that it’s Thursday today. So in honor of Friday, a new post… I come across quite a few amazing blogs/posts and I ‘star’ them in my Google Reader. Following are a few of the amazing ones… Read more »