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Recipes & blogging..

From a recent trip to the local bookstore, I got out of the store with more than half a dozen books. This time around, a bunch of them were food essays. Like Ruth Riechl’s Comfort Me With Apples, Not Becoming My Mother and Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia (which happens to be one of my… Read more »

Anybody home??

As you must’ve noticed, we aren’t sticklers here.. Our posts seem to be far and few in between these days. But believe me it isn’t for the lack of enthusiasm. The website still needs a work (read: a LOT of work). But given the lack of my design skills and very little free time, we… Read more »

Todo list: Weekend 04/03

Update: I started this post as a todo list this Friday and decided that I would post this after I was done crossing out some of the things on the list. And I did!! On Saturday 🙂 So with every muscle, that didn’t get a workout in the past, aching, I present to you the… Read more »