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Traveling with a toddler – Costa Rica edition

Our this year’s resolution is to travel whenever we have an opportunity to. Our big trip was going to be Hawaii. But one day Z came and asked me what did I think about going to Costa Rica instead. My reaction – ‘huh? what?’ A friend of ours was getting married in Costa Rica. But… Read more »

Long distance travel with a baby/toddler

This past March we took a 8500 miles odd trip to India. Which translated to a 27hr flight (wait, we’ll get to it), multiple domestic flights within the country and several car trips without a carseat. If all this hasn’t made you question our sanity, you are a better person than I am. We learned… Read more »

Bebu’s week out

We are just settling in after a whirlwind(?) trip to Vegas. Most people go to Vegas to celebrate their 21st birthday, Bebu celebrated her 5 month bday in style. Why Vegas? ‘Coz my brother & his wife stay there. And it seemed like a perfect spot for the entire family to congregate since my parents… Read more »

Where do we go from here?

Today my plan for the upcoming long weekend was going to be dedicated to just eating. Good, old-fashioned pig-out session for 3 meals. Infact we just came from a seafood buffet dinner where I binged on seafood after a very long time. With a dinner done, I already had plans for the 2 meals for… Read more »

Time off

We just returned from our vacation.. Our first in quite a long time.. That and the fact that I finally graduated from my dinosaur (my vintage iPhone 1st gen) to the newest kid on the block, the 4S, meant I went click crazy. And I might’ve used Instagram more than I should have and irked… Read more »