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New year – new resolutions..

With the new year come new resolutions.. Last year I took the ‘Post A Week’ challenge.. Well, we know how that turned out. But then I realized, the reason that initiative failed (spectacularly, I might add!) was ‘coz of the lack of topics to talk about. But the silver lining of that whole initiative was… Read more »

New year – new resolutions??

With more than half a month into the new year, I started thinking about new year resolutions, or my lack of them in particular. Every new year, I come across tons of news, blog posts about everyone’s new year resolutions. But I never had one. Not ‘coz I have a case of Calvinitis, as below… Read more »


With the year winding down, the last few hours of 2010 are filled with a scramble to get everything done to make sure 2011 is welcomed in a grand way. This year its just me, L & my sis-in-law. Our idea of a good time is kicking our feet back with awesome food (generally homemade… Read more »